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A professional member of the British Horological Institute

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I am Anthony J. Mills MBHI. Based in Cullingworth, West yorkshire, I am a professional member of the British Horological Institute. I repair clocks and timepieces of all ages, be they longcase, mantel, wall, or carriage clocks.

Repair and restoration work is carried out in my own workshop in a sympathetic manner appropriate to the age of the clock concerned. For example old 18th century longcase clocks are cleaned by hand using nothing more than white spirit to remove old oil. Clocks of this vintage, especially if the movement is not visible when in the case, only need to be “horologically clean”. Over polishing and cleaning removes metal and antique marks which are part of the clock’s history. Modern cleaning fluids especially those containing ammonia based products should never be used on antique brass as it can cause stress corrosion cracking. Clocks of a later date are cleaned ultrasonically using non-ammoniated cleaning solutions and rinses. Every effort is made to preserve the integrity of the clock concerned.

As a member of the British Horological Institute I am supported by some of the most experienced and qualified horologists in the country and I follow the BHI’s Code of Practice. Clocks are the only mechanism in the world expected to run every minute of every day, day after day for years often decades at a time! But in reality like any mechanical device, they wear and only regular oiling and servicing can reduce that. Clocks should be oiled at least every 5 years and serviced every 10 years (perhaps more frequently in warm centrally heated houses). However with regular maintenance, clocks that over a 100 year old or even older can still keep reasonable time.

Do please contact me if you think I can help and I will be pleased to discuss your requirements.